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I need help with my morning wood

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I need help with my morning wood

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The medical term is nocturnal penile tumescence. Some call it having a nocturnal erection. Nocturnal penile tumescence NPT is not a result of sexual arousal or having a dream relating to sex.

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It's just his hormones fluctuating. For instance, if a person has NPT but cannot get or maintain an erection during sexual activity, doctors can rule out issues nede as insufficient blood flow or nerve responses in the penis. Alukal, noting that morning boners tend to stop when men reach their 40s and 50s and their testosterone levels dip.

If it weren't morningg nighttime boners, it's entirely possible guys wouldn't be able to keep their boners for more than a few minutes at a time without it becoming incredibly painful. In addition, testosterone levels tend to be elevated in the morning. Nocturnal penile tumescence NPT is not a result of sexual arousal or having a dream relating to sex.

What causes morning wood?

As a korning approaches their 40s and 50s, they may notice fewer episodes of NPT. Ordinarily in commercials, footballs are earnestly thrown through wiod on farms, attractive wrinkletons tenderly hold hands in bathtubs on hillsides because, evidently, that sort of thing plays well with the fifty-plus crowd. However, if a person has no nocturnal erections and has trouble getting or keeping erections related to sex, doctors may determine that there is a physical cause of ED.

It's how his penis "exercises. Males have high levels of this hormone, which contributes to sexual function. According to a study by the Society for Endocrinologyit could actually be that as certain parts of morjing brain shut down during REM sleep, his brain is no longer keeping his penis in check. Males of various ages, from children to older adults, experience NPT.

A hormonal imbalance, especially one that affects the penis and testes, can result in few or no episodes of NPT. Despite that relationship, your body also produces more testosterone as you sleep, which is a big factor in being able to achieve and maintain an erection.

If you wake up with an erection, don’t waste it, say scientists | men's health magazine australia

If NPT suddenly stops or is happening much less frequently, speak with a doctor. Thus, a person may have erections several times during the night but may not be aware of them. A gif of cartoon dog knocks over some wooden blocks and my quest to log three consecutive morning woods begins wodo. Instead, it is a normal function of the male reproductive system. Morning erections are caused by several different processes.

As I mentioned, the app is fun and irreverent—which frankly is not the usual tone taken when talking to men about their erectile function. A gradual decline in NPT with age is customary. If a male does not have NPT regularly, it can indicate a health issue, such as erectile dysfunction EDwhich involves having trouble getting or keeping an erection.

If you don’t have morning wood, you might have a health problem

Morning erections are completely normal and healthy. There is some tangential evidence for NPT serving this function in that the spinal cord nerves that control reflex erections are also tied to the bladder. So it could just be that he's at his manliest and hardest in the morning.

Hormone Production The first factor in morning wood is the hormonal change that occurs in your body while you sleep. Get hard.

Everything you need to know about morning wood

A health professional can help treat these conditions, including ED. So what exactly do millennial men have to say about their, uh, erect packages every morning? We may earn commission from links on thisbut we only recommend products we love. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormoneresponsible for everything from male sexual characteristics such as a deep voice and facial hair to sex drive.

Your morning boner can help you assess your health

So before you get out your dream analysis journal, consider that he might just be turned on by your hot bod. Hormone shifts Your testosterone level is at its highest in the morning after you wake up.

Morning wood is normally a good indicator that your vascular and nervous system is wity properly. They occur in men of all ages and could be the result of one of several processes, from brain relaxation to changes in your sex hormone levels as you sleep.

According to Michael, three morning woods in a row is a pretty good streak and a that a lot of stuff in your body is working like it should. Alukal is quick to point out that this is just a theory, and there's no data to back it up.

Frank Kobola Frank is a contributing writer for Cosmopolitan. Not having regular NPT can also suggest other problems with the nerves or the blood wity to the male reproductive organs. Zach, who is now 26, started experiencing ED at just 17, which led his dad to speculate that it was an indication of a more serious underlying issue.

Some men may experience an erection as long as two hours during their sleep.