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Need a date for hrc

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HRC Elections How do the candidates for rate and what have they pledged to do as Council members?

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What can I take to a HRC? Is there a maximum of slots I can book? They are key workers who are working to keep you safe q your visit. Will I get confirmation? ISHR will work with its partners to closely monitor the implementation of these measures throughout their membership term, if elected.

Book a visit to a household recycling centre - wiltshire council

Closed Friday. In this context, ISHR together with civil society Ned, have sent letters to all candidate States urging them to commit to and implement a series of concrete recommendations, should they be elected to the Council. Once that item has been deposited, they must get back in the vehicle.

Other people can also be in the vehicle, but they are not to get out - this is to ensure social distancing and to keep our staff and residents safe. If you are visiting the site in a van you need to apply for a van permit which can be obtained from Household recycling centres permits I can't book a slot online as have no access to a smart device or computer.

The team on site will then check this and record the vehicle registration.

You must stay in your vehicle while queuing and please do not leave your vehicle until it is time to unload. You can book a slot seven days in advance.

What to expect when you visit a site Please visit at Nefd time you have booked and do not arrive beforehand. We would encourage all users to first consider whether their visit is essential.

Corporate equality index faq

What can I do? Through Council membership, Ffor commit themselves to 'uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights,' and to fully cooperate with the Council and its mechanisms. Visits are for those people living in the Wiltshire Council area only. Please bring this with you on your smartphone is fine when you attend the HRC.

Do I need to bring proof of adress to the site? When can I visit these sites and what are the opening times?

Fir year, several new criteria have been added to the scorecards: Whether a candidate has accepted all individual complaint mechanisms under the core international human rights treaties; Whether a candidate has submitted a mid-term Universal Periodic Review UPR report; Whether a candidate has published a national action plan for implementation of UPR recommendations; and Whether a candidate has paid its UN contributions.

Site staff need to social distance so cannot help you to unload your waste and recycling.

Household recycling centre booking system faqs

No, participation in the Corporate Equality Index survey and report is free. New slots are added each day, so please check back daily to book a slot. Wash your hands before you leave home and after your visit. Vehicles weighing 3. This is an advance booking system, so you will be unable to book a same day visit to a HRC. HRC Elections How do the candidates for rate and what have they pledged to do as Council members? Bookings must be for essential visits only.

Closed Thursday and Friday. There will also be a limit to the of vehicles allowed on site at any one time, and this will vary from site to site - please follow the s and advice from staff on site. We encourage all States, civil society, national human rights institutions as well as international and regional human rights experts to participate in the events including by posing questions to the candidates via HRCPledging on Twitter.

Other people can also be in the vehicle, but they are not to get out. Do not call us to book a slot - our teams do not have access to any extra slots.

Book a visit to a household recycling centre

Capacity at all sites has been reduced as a result of the ongoing social distancing measures required due to Covid Vehicles weighing over 3. In areas where more than one health insurance plan is available, at least one inclusive plan must be available. To help x that all residents can reasonably access a recycling centre, we are operating a "Fair Use" policy where we ask households to make Nedd more than two visits per month.

I have a hire van and I don't know the registration.

Household recycling centre booking system faqs - wiltshire council

Please ensure that you can unload your vehicle within this time. The waste you bring to the site must be from your household only. Related s. This is an advance-booking system, so you will be unable to visit a HRC on the same day you gor your booking.

Why can't I book by telephone? As the of unloading bays at each site has needed to be reduced to ensure social distancing, there are a limited of slots available for each site. However, ISHR acknowledges that data limitations and the need for objectivity mean that many of the criteria are concerned hdc form rather than substance.

The registration of the vehicle visiting the site must be the same as the one stated when you book. All slots have been booked up.

Corporate equality index faq - hrc foundation

The criteria have always been intended to evolve as more employers adopt existing criteria and new best practices emerge. Following new advice, we have reopened all of our HRCs with social distancing measures in place to protect our staff and residents. This is an advance-booking system, so you will be unable to book a same day visit to a HRC. There are around 10, slots each week across the 10 sites and new slots are added frequently throughout each day. One person per vehicle can use the site unless helping to unload a heavy or large item.

Can I still turn up at a HRC? Acceptable examples include: Council tax bill.